Fastest Bikes In The Market Today
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Fastest Bikes In The Market Today

Fastest Bikes In The Market Today

One can’t think about a road trip without thinking about motorcycles cruising along a long road with a scenic view on both sides. These bikes are optimized for comfort and for really long rides. But there’s also this range of motorcycles, purely optimized for speed.

Cutting-edge technology, engineering all combine together to build these beautiful machines that can touch 400 km/h on the road. At one point of time these popular manufacturers that made these speed demons where pushing the limits too hard to cross the 300 km/h milestone that a gentleman’s agreement had to be signed to prevent even faster bikes being produced that could lead to an outbreak of illegal racing, which in turn could cause import bans for such high-speed motorcycles.



  • Suzuki Hayabusa owned the title pre-2000s touching a top speed of 310 km/h. This model is iconic for superbikes and won international acclaim as the world’s fastest production motorcycle. Furthermore, it was also revered by the critics as having great reliable, handling, comfort, fuel economy, making it known not just for its speed.
  • Kawasaki: Post-2000s, ZX-12R and ZX-14 were the fastest, with an electronically limited top speed of about 300 km/h. They owned the title till about 2007, with their two models (ZX-12 till 2006 and then taken over by ZX-14). It innovated with a slipper clutch and liquid cooled, 4 cylinder engine that made it the most powerful at that time as well.
  • MV Agusta: With their F4 R 312, broke the gentleman’s agreement with a top speed (as the name suggests) of 312 km/h. The Italians didn’t clearly believe in the agreement and just wanted to come up with the fastest. Although Meccanica Verghera Agusta started off as small cafe racers of 150cc or around, they upped the bar extremely quickly, moving on to more powerful and faster bikes and eventually claiming the title of the fastest motorcycle in the world.
  • BMW: S1000RR, designed for the 2009 Superbike World Championship, but went into commercial production. It featured an antilock braking system, with traction control, while showing off a top speed of 300km/h, due to regulations.
  • Ducati: Italians and their race for pushing the limits and achieving the fastest title never ends. Panigale R is known for its lightened engine internals with Titanium rods, carbon fibre parts effectively reduce its kerb body weight to about 165kg and touched speeds on 325km/h on the track.


These were the ones that owned the title in the past. Currently, Kawasaki Ninja H2 considered a ‘supercharged supersport’ motorcycle, producing 310 horsepower with its centrifugal type supercharger. This makes it the not only the fastest motorcycle right now but also the most powerful with more than 50% power as compared to the other fastest street-legal motorcycles.


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