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The Best Tips to Save Fuel

The Best Tips to Save Fuel

It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a small car, or something as big as an SUV, there are always ways to save money by reducing your usage of fuel.

People drive their cars every day, which leaves fuel to be one of the biggest expenses of all. Most of us don’t have a choice to drive long distances daily and whether you’re driving back and forth from your job each day, or you work from home, but you have to get around town to drop off and fetch your kids, do shopping or run errands, it all adds up. Chances are; however, you can save money when driving any car in many ways.

Top Tips for Saving Fuel

  • Slow down – Just because your car has a maximum speed of 200 mph or more, doesn’t mean you have to try and aim for it. While it’s fun driving fast, it can not only be dangerous for you or the passengers in your car, or even the other people on the road, but it could also be detrimental to your fuel. Whenever you increase your speed, fuel is wasted, leaving you to fill up your tank more often than what is necessary. Try monitoring your fuel consumption when driving faster versus driving at the speed limit or slower. You’ll be amazed at how much money you can save by saving fuel.
  • Don’t Accelerate too Much

You don’t have to drive like a saint, but it’s pretty obvious that when it comes to wasting fuel, putting your foot on the gas hard, will waste your litres and litres of fuel. What you also don’t want to do, is accelerate fast and then hit your brakes immediately, which consumes the most fuel and can potentially even damage your brakes. Drive with care.

  • Check Your Tyre Pressure

The two factors that affect tyres the most are time and temperature. Tyres don’t last forever, and they get affected every single day while driving. Tyres that are under-inflated causes your engine to work harder to prevent your car from seizing. When your engine is working harder, just like with an overused accelerator, your car is using far more fuel than necessary. Be sure to use inflation pressures to check whether your tyres are in excellent condition and have them maintained regularly.


  • Stick to a Light Car

The lighter the car, the better. You should avoid adding accessories to your car as it tends to weigh it down. The same goes for leaving unnecessary baggage or things in your car that can weigh it down. You will find that when you travel, and your car is fully packed, you use far more fuel than you would if your car is empty. For a much smoother ride, stick to an empty car with less bling.

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