UGP History - Irish Road Racing
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UGP History

UGP History

In 1965 the Ulster received sponsorship for the first time, with Gallagher Ltd being the sponsor . This money was used to construct a race headquarters and to improve the paddock . Most of the actual construction was carried out on a voluntary basis by various clubs . The circuit was also modified . The right hander at Leathemstown was now tighter, the section over Leathemstown bridge was replaced with a new straight road and the Hairpin was bypassed .


The 350cc race was the first race of the day and from the drop of the flag a fight took place between Jim Redman (Honda) and Phil Read (Yamaha) . This only lasted until the 4th lap when Read was forced to retire with gearbox trouble . At this stage Redman had a lead of over a minute from Franta Stastny (Jawa) . Redman continued to give it everything and by the end of the 14th lap he had stretched this to 2 minutes . He also broke the lap record he had created in 1964 by taking 10 seconds off the time . Then on the last lap he skidded on a patch of oil about 5 miles (8 km) from the finish line and ended up in hospital . Stastny, on arriving at the finish line was unaware that he was the winner until some of his pit crew congratulated him . Bruce Beale (Honda) was 2nd and Gustav Havel (Jawa) was 3rd .

Hugh Anderson was the favourite to win the 125 race as he had been winning all season on his redesigned Suzuki . However Anderson was forced to retire with mechanical trouble, as had his team-mate Frank Perris . This left Ernst Degner as the sole works Suzuki rider and he led Klaus Enderlein, Derek Woodman (M.Z.s) and Ralph Bryans (Honda) for the rest of the race, finishing almost 3 minutes ahead of Enderlein . He also set the fastest lap of the race at 90.84 mph (145.30 km/h) .

The 500 race was minus M.V. which meant Mike Hailwood and his new team-mate Giacomo Agostini were missing . From the drop of the flag a scrap developed straight away with Paddy Driver (Matchless), Chris Conn (Norton) and John Cooper (Norton) each looking to lead . Less than a second separated them for the first 3 laps . Then on lap 4 Cooper suffered mechanical trouble and had to retire . Dick Creith, meanwhile, was working his way up through the field on his Norton when rain started to fall on parts of the course . The leading duo slowed down but Creith continued at the same speed and quickly reeled them in and passed them . He was 8 seconds ahead of Driver who managed to get ahead of Conn to take 2nd place . Driver had the consolation prize of having set the fastest lap of the race at 91.49 mph (146.38 km/h) . Creith was the first Ulsterman to win the Senior race at Dundrod .

The 250 race was the last race of the day and Jim Redman had returned from hospital to watch, with the knowledge that he couldn’t retain the Championship title without having won this race . Phil Read (Yamaha) was the early leader and he went on to claim an easy win, he also recorded the fastest lap of the race at 87.88 mph (140.61 km/h) . His team-mate Mike Duff was in 2nd place, while Derek Woodman and Heinz Rosner (M.Z.s) were in 3rd and 4th places respectively Ralph Bryans came home in 5th place despite having only an old production twin cylinder Honda to ride .

  • Results for 1965

    125 cc race
    1st : Ernst Degner – Suzuki – Av Sp 86.41 mph (138.26 km/h) – Time 56 m 33 s
    2nd : Klaus Enderlein – M.Z. – Av Sp 82.31 mph (131.70 km/h) – Time 59 m 22.4 s
    3rd : Derek Woodman – M.Z. – Av Sp 81.74 mph (130.78 km/h) – Time 59 m 47 s
    250 cc race
    1st : Phil Read – Yamaha – Av Sp 86.04 mph (137.66 km/h) – Time 1 hr 17 m 26.8 s
    2nd : Mike Duff – Yamaha – Av Sp 85.36 mph (136.58 km/h) – Time 1 hr 18 m 4.2 s
    3rd : Derek Woodman – M.Z. – Av Sp 84.67 mph (135.47 km/h) – T 1 hr 18 m 42.2 s
    350 cc race
    1st : Franta Stastny – Jawa – Av sp 91.01 mph (145.62 km/h) – T 1 hr 13 m 12.8 s
    2nd : Bruce Beale – Honda – Av Sp 90.39 mph (144.62 km/h) – T 1 hr 13 m 43.6 s
    3rd : Gustav Havel – Jawa – Av Sp 88.67 mph (141.87 km/h) – Time 1 hr 15 m 9 s
    500 cc race
    1st : Dick Creith – Norton – Av Sp 86.2 mph (137.92 km/h) – Time 1 hr 17 m 18.2 s
    2nd : Paddy Driver – Matchless – Av Sp 86.04 mph (137.66 km/h) – 1 hr 17 m 26.6 s
    3rd : Chris Conn – Norton – Av Sp 86.03 mph (137.65 km/h) – Time 1 hr 17 m 27.4 s
    Private Entrants Handicap award
    250 cc : T. Findlay – Aermacchi
    350 cc : John Cooper – Norton
    500 cc : Jack Findlay – Matchless